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Heyo! I’m Cliffpro, your Digital Awesomeness Guru.  I want to help grow your business online by offering the simplest, most cost-effective strategies to build your audience and score more sales — all without an agency budget.

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Consulting & Strategy

Sometimes, all we need is to be pointed in the right direction. Whether it’s branding, web presence or marketing, I’ll work with you one-on-one, analyze your current setup for your business online and guide you on your next moves.

Branding & Web Design

People do judge a book by its cover—and their perception of your business will either help or hinder your success. I will create a cohesive brand through logo, web and promotional imagery, designed to attract your target customer.

Front-End Development

Does your website take forever to load, or has a serious need for a tune-up? My background in HTML/CSS/JS will help your site speed up load times, level up your SEO, and make it look awesome on mobile devices.

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Latest Insights and Tips

  • When I started my GIFD project, it was met with warm reception. However, as I posted my mini-updates, the traction died down in visitor count and the original post still held more views. Therefore, I’ve created this post! Keep up to date with my progress......

  • Taking a metaphorical deep breath for this one. Oh, and some F-bombs are dropped. So, kids, don’t tell your parents. Looking back at the past few months, I have a lot to be excited for: My wife and I’s business, The Confetti Bar, recently got a physical home on North Main St. in our home town; My title has been changed at Time to Save from Lead Front-End Developer to Creative Director; My weight is down about 40lbs since this summer—down 80lbs from a few years ago—while building muscle, eating healthy and generally feeling better all around. And today, I’m pissed at myself....

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