Press Start on Your Business Game

As a small business owner (or solo-entrepreneur), you’re always looking for that “next level” to move your business forward.

But, where do you begin?

You have a website online, but it’s not exactly speaking what your business is about. It functions, but it doesn’t stand out. It’s not gaining traction, nor building an audience.

Or maybe you haven’t even gotten yourself online yet. In-person sales and word of mouth have been great to you so far, but you want more. You want to expand to the web and find a new audience—and potential clients.

Regardless where you are now in your entrepreneurial journey, you know where you want to go; You just aren’t sure what actions to take to get there.

Stage Selection: Agency or D.I.Y.?

When it comes time to level up to your online presence, there are usually two options to choose from: Hire an agency or do it yourself.

For the most extensive, comprehensive results, the choice would go to an agency. The problem is that having a complete marketing agency creating deliverables on demand is great…when you can afford it.

Many agencies will have full service packages that go well over tens of thousands of dollars—and that usually covers just the starting fees. Add-ons, extras, “out of scope” work, and even meetings can and will have hourly charges attached on top of the initial package rate.

The alternative is to set it all up yourself. And while it’s all possible and relatively easy to do on the cheap, you’re stuck trying to decide what’s worth learning to fix yourself and whats worth outsourcing. If you’re not familiar with graphic design, web design and development, web hosting, and online marketing, you might burn yourself out just trying to get started.

In the end, you’re paying money for education in these areas, but not for application of that knowledge to your business.

If one end is out of budget and the other end is too much time for not enough reward, can a middle ground be found?

You may want a professional digital makeover for your business, but what you really need might be easier and far more affordable than you think.

All You Need Is A Little Help

As a small business owner myself, I know what it’s like not to have the funds available to invest in pricey design and marketing agencies.

But where you’d see restrictions, I see a chance for creativity and growth.

For well over a decade, I’ve worked for agencies, companies and freelance in the areas of web design and development, branding, and online marketing.

One thing I know to be true is any business effort takes time to grow—and that’s with a proper plan being executed.

Instead of worrying about affording an agency for the “best look”, or throwing your controller on the floor over trying to learn everything yourself, you need an actionable plan that can guide you through what steps your business needs to take online, what goals they will achieve, and—most importantly—why those steps are important to take right now.

Over time, these goals will change while your business grows, evolves and levels up.

Who is Cliffpro?

I’m Cliff Huizenga and I have spent more than a decade in online business endeavors building my skills in web design and development, digital marketing and building businesses for myself and others.

My wife and I also own a fun, colorful, online boutique confetti store, The Confetti Bar, creating artistic mixes of shapes and colors perfect for any event worth celebrating — and we believe that Happiness Should Be Celebrated™.

Along with having fun, my favorite hobby is video games, with a passion for retro games that I grew up with and practicing “speedrunning” — the act of completing a game as fast as possible — with my favorite titles.

A Strategy Guide You Can Follow

Whether you’re trying to launch your first website, spice up your branding or increase your growth, I can show you how to leverage what you have and build a strong presence without having to spend thousands.

Setting Up Your First Website or Store

Upgrade Your Branding and Design

Structure “Flow” with Your UI/UX

Develop a Content Strategy

Build an Audience

Brainstorm Your Next Steps

How Can I Help You?

No matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, I can help point you in the right direction on where you should go next and how you can make it happen.