In Defense of Designers Dismay

Many designers dislike the new iOS 7 UI changes. Considering who they are, what they do and who they look up to, give them a break.

Vine, Twitter’s 6-Second Storytelling App

To those following tech and social media news online, Vine is not a new app. However, many people have still yet to discover the fun that is creating a quick, on-the-fly video to share online.

The Decline of Print Publications

After reading about the end of Newsweek’s print publication, I comment on the industry’s shift from print to digital and reflect on its past.

The Big QR Code

QR codes are a growing trend in marketing and promotions, but after seeing many used at The Big E, they’re becoming an epidemic.

iOS 6 on iPhone 4

iOS 6 has arrived for iPhone 4S, iPod touch, and the new iPad. While these devices get the best upgrade, iPhone 4 users still get some great features.

Google Chrome for iOS

Just released yesterday (finally) is Google Chrome for iOS, the highly anticipated Apple version of Google’s flagship web browser. While Safari has been a fine browser for mobile usage, I know I’ve been waiting for a bonafide Chrome browser for the iPhone and iPad.

Microsoft Surface Differences

Now that the cat is out of the bag, Windows lovers and haters are all wondering about the specific details of the new Microsoft Surface line of tablets—or slates, if you read into MS documentation—coming out later this year. Most of the hardware specs are a mystery (not to mention the pricing).

Client Spotlight: Dinosaur Dracula

When doing business, we always look forward to fun clients and jobs: The ones we enjoy building out, chatting with clients on, and look forward to their releasing into the world. For the past two months, I have been working with Matt Caracappa of X-Entertainment to build out his latest creation, Dinosaur Dracula, which officially went live today!