From Idea To Online In 24 Hours

How To Quickly Get Your Website Online And Get Back To Working On Your Craft

Plan, Build, Launch

Do you have a skill, craft or product for sale, but have no clue where to start when making your own website? Did you know you can have your whole site built, customized and online today—and on the cheap? Follow this guide to help you formulate a plan of attack and finally launch your website. Topics covered include having a professional presence online, setting goals, buying a domain name and hosting, and more. This book will guide you through the whole process and jumpstart your online presence.

If you’re a designer who needs your digital portfolio online today, a writer who wants to start a blog easily, or an entrepreneur who wants to start selling products from your own business, this guide will get you thinking about the process to go from idea to online — and you’ll get there today.

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From Idea to Online in 24 Hours

What’s Included with the Book?

A Digital Copy for All Your Devices

Included in the digital package are three versions of the ebook: PDF, .epub and .mobi. Read the ebook on all your devices anywhere, anytime!

My “Helping Hand” Guarantee

My goal is to help you get your idea or business out of your head and into high-gear by making a professional presence online for yourself and, more importantly, to do so today. If you have any issues while using my book as a guide, just contact me and I’d be happy to clarify and make the startup process even smoother.