Let’s Be GIFD Together

Taking a metaphorical deep breath for this one. Oh, and some F-bombs are dropped. So, kids, don’t tell your parents.

Looking back at the past few months, I have a lot to be excited for: My wife and I’s business, The Confetti Bar, recently got a physical home on North Main St. in our home town; My title has been changed at Time to Save from Lead Front-End Developer to Creative Director; My weight is down about 40lbs since this summer—down 80lbs from a few years ago—while building muscle, eating healthy and generally feeling better all around.

And today, I’m pissed at myself.

“Gonna Boy”

Yesterday, I received an email from Paul Scrivens’ email list pre-promoting his new 40 Day Startup (awesome value, definitely worth checking out). And in the first few sentences, I instantly saw myself. The guy who has ideas; the guy who wants to make something for everyone; the guy who will get it done sooner or later. Things that all describes me. In building all the things around me, projects I keep saying that I’m working on haven’t launched.

When I was a kid, my dad had a saying for me whenever I said I was going to complete a chore or do a task: “Gonna Boy.” Not sure if he came up with it himself or if his father called him by that name, but it always stuck with me. It would always frustrate me to hear the name, not because it was condescending, but because he was absolutely right. When would I get the task done?

You’ve heard the different phrases before: “Now Is The Time,” “Just Ship It,” “Start Something,” and “Always Finish.” But with these ideas, there’s always been roadblocks in my mind. Too much going on; too busy; higher priorities; and so on, and so on. Yet, everyone else around me can launch things in 3 months, 1 month… hell, even in 24 hour stunts. The one thing really holding me back from getting things done is… me.

And I’ve had enough. It’s time I’m getting it effing done.

GIFD: Getting It effing Done

I’m picking one of my projects that I’ve started and moving forward with it. Something that doesn’t require additional training or education to finish. Something that doesn’t require debugging or scripting issues. Something I can do using the tools I already have access to and without additional costs.

On top of that, I’m not going to give myself 100 days, or 40 days, or a month to do it; I’m giving myself two weeks.

The Project

I am currently writing an ebook. Nothing super extraordinary, but one I’ve wanted to launch for a while. I have a concept of what I want it to do, a direction and a brief outline. But, after being shelved a bit, my ideas have evolved and I’m going to…there’s that phrase again…I will be expanding that outline to cover the exact topics I want to cover.

Every day for the next two weeks, I will write up about what I’ve done the day before and the tasks for the following day. I’ll also go into what roadblocks were in my way, how I overcame them and what the next steps are. And I’ll include some samplings from what I write. But not too much—would like to make a few bucks off this thing, right?

Then, I will write, edit, design and launch the ebook. If it’s not polished, then it’s going up as-is with a DILLIGAF attitude.

I don’t think of this as limiting myself from a longer timeframe. I see this as a version of a 24-hour project spread out among 14 days. Crazy? Probably.

But if I don’t do it now, when will I?

I helped launch a business from a basement to a building. I’ve pushed creative direction at a local company. I’ve gotten myself in shape and lost almost half of myself. All things I didn’t think I could do.

Writing a short ebook should be a walk in the park…if I just effing do it.

Let’s Be GIFD Together

For the best focus when working on projects, my perfect environment involved large headphones, loud music and no distractions. So, I’ll probably be going dark for the next two weeks.

But that doesn’t mean your support isn’t appreciated. Anything you can say or do to motivate me, encourage me, or simply kick my ass into gear is greatly appreciated. I thank you, loyal readers, in advance for help. All three of you.

If you feel like sharing this post (thank you, by the way) or want to join along in getting something done, please add #BeGIFD to your shared thoughts. Maybe this can start a movement—if not with the world, maybe with that one person who needs it.

Maybe that person is you.

Let’s effing do this.