New Year, New Changes

2013 was a year full of changes. […]

And with all the changes going on with and around me, I come back to this blog. My lonely blog, which has been so neglected, two years worth of posts show up in a listing of my ten most recent ones.

Client Spotlight: Dinosaur Dracula

When doing business, we always look forward to fun clients and jobs: The ones we enjoy building out, chatting with clients on, and look forward to their releasing into the world. For the past two months, I have been working with Matt Caracappa of X-Entertainment to build out his latest creation, Dinosaur Dracula, which officially went live today!

Mystery of the Japanese Werewolf

Quick review for an iOS platformer game by an indie developer which feels like Metroid or Castlevania, incl. 16-bit graphics and sound.

Ad Horrors, Now Via HTML5!

Google announces “Swiffy” for Flash to HTML5 conversions. Soon, our ads will be appearing commercially as HTML5/CSS3. This scares me.