Assassin’s Creed and What’s Wrong with the Gaming Industry

Lately, gamers have been getting hit hard in the media for… well, whatever hot button’s being pressed today. Seems like there’s a new way to shine a negative light at video games every day in the news. Now, AAA game studios are in the hot seat for releasing AAA games that are broken, incomplete, and, […]

New Year, New Changes

2013 was a year full of changes. […]

And with all the changes going on with and around me, I come back to this blog. My lonely blog, which has been so neglected, two years worth of posts show up in a listing of my ten most recent ones.

Mystery of the Japanese Werewolf

Quick review for an iOS platformer game by an indie developer which feels like Metroid or Castlevania, incl. 16-bit graphics and sound.