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I’m Cliff Huizenga and for over a decade, I’ve helped agencies, businesses, and individuals grow their audiences and convert sales through interactive design, front-end development, and inbound marketing.

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More often than not, you don’t need an agency.

For growing your business, you might have what you need in-house in order to deliver great content to your audience. You just need the right branding and a strong vehicle to deliver your message. I offer multiple services to help get your brand out there and people coming back to you.

Cliff truly understood our vision and helped us determine the right strategy and plugins that would best suit our needs. He also covered the flow and optimization of our site and gave many tips and tricks along the way. We are definitely not web designers or programmers but with Cliff’s help we were able to feel at ease, confident and proud of our beautiful, functional and optimized website to start our dream business!

Julia & Daniela Ferreira, Little Shop of Wow

Who I Am

Heyo, I’m Cliffpro!

Consider me your Digital Awesomeness Designer. Professionally, I’m into UI/UX engineering, front-end development, and inbound marketing. When not working, I’m a hardcore retro gamer, and aspiring YouTuber/streamer/game dev. 👾

From Idea to Online in 24 Hours - Book by Cliff Huizenga

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From Idea to Online in 24 Hours

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Building a website can be a lot like preparing for war. Let me tell you — hiring Cliff was as good as being on the front line with a missile launcher. He makes web design and development look easy and guides you to see what’s really possible — and he does it with ceaseless enthusiasm, to boot!

Matt Caracappa, Dinosaur Dracula

Cheat Codes

Sometimes, we need some quick help and don’t mind getting our hands dirty. Check out my tips and tricks you can use to quickly level up your online presence.

Let’s Be GIFD Together

Taking a metaphorical deep breath for this one. Oh, and some F-bombs are dropped. So, kids, don’t tell your parents.

Looking back at the past few months, I have a lot to be excited for: My wife and I’s business, The Confetti Bar, recently got a physical home on North Main St. in our home town; My title has been changed at Time to Save from Lead Front-End Developer to Creative Director; My weight is down about 40lbs since this summer—down 80lbs from a few years ago—while building muscle, eating healthy and generally feeling better all around.

And today, I’m pissed at myself.

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